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Budapest Property Management Services

As a Property Management Company, our aim is to complement our clients' investment objectives by enhancing the rental yield of their Budapest apartments where possible and ensuring their investment is well looked after on a day-to-day basis.

  • advertising the availability "for rent" or "for lease" of the apartment when vacant;
  • perform viewings to perspective tenants;
  • negotiating leases in accordance with the Owner’s rental guidelines;
  • executing leases and rental agreements on behalf of the Owner;
  • collecting rents, security deposits, and all other receipts on behalf of the Owner;
  • providing all services necessary for the proper management of the apartment including periodic inspections, dealing with tenant issues, supervision of maintenance and arranging for such improvements alterations and repairs as may be required by the Owner;
  • acting as the Property Management Firm for the Owner in hiring, supervising and discharging all independent contractors required in the operation and maintenance of the apartment;
  • tendering and contracting for repairs or alterations as needed;
  • contracting for any emergency repairs;
  • paying from gross receipts all operating expenses and such other expenses as may be due by Owner;
  • maintaining accurate records of all money received and disbursed in connection with the management of the propert


Beside our day-to-day property management activity we also supply contemporary property furnishings of the quality and standard to quickly rent the property.

We provide individual items and flexible furnishing packages ensuring our solutions are within your budget. Our aim is to provide a complete property furnishing service - right down to the last teaspoon! Our service includes budgeting, purchasing, delivery, assembly, installation and cleaning.



We work actively with other relocation firms and letting agents to rent out your Budapest property in the fastest possible manner. Depending on the property we also work with student organizations to let the flat.

For the most part we shall market your property to corporate tenants that will enter into leases for at least a year if not longer. In our experience this increases the security and transparency for our clients, while ensuring a long term rental yield. Any of the properties that we manage will be placed on Hungarian as well we foreign websites dealing with Budapest apartment letting.


Paying close attention to who will be occupying your rental property and the ongoing care it receives is one of the most valuable services we perform.

Our property managers have the knowledge and tools to accurately screen and select suitable tenants for your apartment. We not only select tenants who are good credit risks, but also people who will coexist peacefully with their neighbours and other tenants.

We provide you with protection through the use of proper lease agreements, deposit forms, late notices, and other legal documents.


We provide a full range of clear, concise, accurate reports suited to the owners needs

Security deposit and monthly rents are collected and deposited. Accounting records of all income received, and expense disbursement is provided quarterly and can be customized to suit your individual needs.

All data are stored and managed in our integrated CRM software which streamline processes, proactively monitor the workflow and all critical dates and information and assures powerful reporting.

Why choose us as your Property Management Company in Budapest?
  • With the rental property management service we provide, you save valuable time and energy. You won't have to deal with rent collection and the cumbersome maintenance of your Budapest rental property.
  • Owning an apartment in Budapest places many obligations on you you will need to register to pay your taxes, electricity and water bills, and you may also have television and telephone connections to think about. Registering for most of these in Hungary cannot be done by phone or post and you would also face the challange of language barriers.
  • We have established a reputation as being one of the leading property management company in Budapest specialised in managing rental properties owned by foreigners as we have tailored our services completely to their special needs.
  • We understand that working with foreign owners of residential rental properties and tenants requires constant communication.
  • While many property management companies in Budapest claim to offer value for money, we are committed to an open and simple pricing structure with no hidden costs.
  • Much of our property management client base has grown through personal recommendation and we are more than happy to provide references.

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