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Wonderful Budapest: the best city to live in the region?

According to the latest reviews of a leading London based analyst unit Budapest is the best place to live among newly entered EU cities.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the worlds largest non investment banking analyst and forecasting institute uses a percentage index of a given city's quality of life based on a yearly research project including 127 larger cities using a list divided into five large categories, such as: stability, health care services, education, culture and environment and infrastructure.

The lower the index figure - meaning that the elements decreasing a city's quality of life are represented in a lesser degree among the tested criteria - the better quality of life one can expect in a city. Based on the EIU criteria a higher than 20 percent index figure is considered to be a "problematic" quality of life for a city, while figures reaching 50 percent and above are indicators of "unbearable" circumstances.

According to the latest global list issued on London for business travelers and expats the city with the worlds best quality of life is supposed to be Vancouver, Canada with an index figure of just 1 percent. It is followed by Melbourne, Vienna and Geneva with an equally low indicator of 2 percent.

The EIU claims Budapest to be the best city to live in Eastern Europe with an index figure of 14 percent giving the city a rank 57 on the list. The capital of Hungary is ahead of Milan and even Rome. In the EU region Budapest is followed by Prague and Bratislava (19 percent, rank 62).

The EIU research suggests that as a result of improving transport and telecommunications infrastructure, easier access to goods and services and higher range of entertainment possibilities these Eastern European cities are "slowly growing, to compete with Western big cities".

Among all the tested regions Africa and the Middle East offers the worst urban quality of life with an 40 percent index average, although Israel is an exception due to its generally high development; Tel Aviv was ranked 68 with a 23 percent index figure, just one place below Warsaw. The last runner place on world ranking list was given to Port Moresby of Papua New Guinea, with a 66 percent index figure.

The world average is quite bad with a figure just above 20 percent, which is over the level considered to be problematic by the EIU. The best quality of life within the average is offered by Western Europe and North America with an index average slightly exceeding 5 percent; the average index indicator of Eastern European cities however is over 25 percent which falls into the problematic quality level.

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